What’s in a watch? More than just a simple timepiece, companies can cram more than ever into them. Far from just telling you the time, a good Sports Watch can give you a whole range of useful information, and maybe even save your life. You probably wouldn’t wear your bright pink swatch to a funeral, nor would you bring your Rolex mountaineering. There is indeed a watch for every occasion, including travel. This list runs the spectrum of Great Sports Watches for Men ideal for Travel that may just become your primary timepiece.


Tissot Men’s T0134204420200 T-Touch Expert Titanium Watch ($781.41)

Tisot T TouchTissot combines the luxury of their classic watch collection with the versatility and functionality of an adventure ready travel watch. The Swiss are renowned for their watches, and Tissot is no different. While most high-end luxury watches rely on brand name and expensive jewelry alone, most serious watch collectors know that movement and design quality set their watches apart. However, at the same time, nobody wants to bring a watch that should be in a vault on their trip to the Andes. The T-Touch offers that rarely found middle ground. Titanium construction, water tight design (up to 100 meters) and durable face allow it to be brought anywhere.  It’s full suite of instruments, including compass, thermometer, altimeter, barometer and more make it the luxury explorer’s dream. Buy Now from Amazon


Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement ($219.83)

Suunto Core 1Those looking for a high end, high tech, durable watch but turned off by the Tissot’s luxury-at-a-price might want to take a look at Suunto. Having made their name and staked their reputation on their outdoor watches, Suunto released their Core as a flagship product. The all-digital watch functions more like a miniature weather station than just a watch.  Features included a calibratable compass, barometer with storm alarm, altimeter with elevation log, global sunrise and sunset times, thermometer, and depth meter for diving. The user replaceable battery makes it perfect for the long term world adventure traveler who never wants to stop. For those in search of slightly more specialized watches, check out their Elementum series. Buy Now from Amazon


Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator + ABC Watch ($349.99)

Garmin TactixIf you want to play ‘Army Man’ while on your travels then this is the watch for you. Designed for use by ‘Real Army Men’, this is the ultimate outdoor watch. Apart from the usual array of features Garmin pack into their products like GPS Navigation with pre-loaded maps and directions that sync wirelessly to computers and Smartphone, this has a Night Vision compatible back light, Jumpmaster software for Skydivers, Sun/moon Chart, Hunt/Fish Calender and can even control Garmin VIRB Action Cameras! If this watch isn’t up to the job you require, then look for another job. Buy Now from Amazon



Casio Men’s GA100-1A1 Black Resin Quartz Watch with Black Dial [Watch] Casio ($75.38)

G ShockPerhaps some of the most common and well known of travel watches, the G-Shock series comes in many different styles, functions, and price ranges. However, since they’re all built from the same core concept, and backed by Casio’s warranties, you should feel free to choose any watch according to your liking. Although a few models can reach inordinate costs depending on the features, a rugged, water tight general time piece with all the basic digital watch features can be yours for no more than $60. Here at TGFM we like the Military GA 100-1A1 series. Buy G-shock watches from Amazon




Casio Men’s W800H-1AV “Classic” Sport Watch with Black Band ($13.97)

Casio ClassicThe Casio Classic Sport is the ultimate unassuming Travel watch. Its small, lightweight and extremely durable. It may lack features compared to other watches on this list, but it does include a Stopwatch, Backlight and Alarm, latter two of which are the most essential for any travel watch. When visiting certain locations in the world, wearing a plain, inexpensive watch is the best option as it draws less attention and reduces the risk of being mugged. At less than $14, why not have the best of both situations, get one of the other options above for general travel and this for those undesirable places? Buy Now from Amazon


No matter what kind of traveler you are, from the rugged outdoorsman to the deep sea diver, you can find the perfect watch that it’s both your style and price range.

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