These 5 Travel Items are non negotiable when it comes to travel packing. They can be used in a multitude of different ways and can be quite literally life saving.  Here are our 5 Must Have Travel Items and 5 Ways To Use Each One. Enjoy.

ZiptiesCable ties 

  1. Repair that broken zipper pull on your luggage.
  2. Secure your backpackack/ daypack in accommodation lockers or cupboards. This is very useful in shared dorms and hostels. Yes they can be taken off by other people, but they act as a deterrent and you’ll know instantly if someone has tampered with it.
  3. Repair a broken watch strap.
  4. Lock your luggage.  While in transit this is great way to secure all the zippers together.
  5. Lock your tent. If you’re camping in a remote area, this isn’t just to deter other people, but also ensure that you don’t end up with any snakes,  bugs or bears in your sleeping bag.


  1. Water container. Condoms will stretch and contain a surprising amount of water in an emergency.
  2. Emergency First Aid Glove. If a buddy of yours sustains a bad cut, it will protect you from their blood, and their wound from your dirty hand.
  3. Keep your valuables dry. Place your wallet, phone or camera in a condom and make them waterproof.
  4. Start a fire. Keeping tinder and matches dry in an emergency is a priority. If it starts to rain, getting a fire started with wet tinder can be almost impossible. Keep some dry by storing it in a condom.
  5. Blow one up, tie the end, and use it as a pillow to get a good nights rest.

Electrical TapeElectrical Tape

  1. Wound dressing. If band aids or other medical supplies are not available, wrap electrical around the wound to stop the bleeding and keep it clean.
  2. Stick things to walls! This isn’t for when you need to put up pictures, but more like a mosquito net in a jungle hut so you don’t get eaten alive at night.
  3. Blister prevention or aftercare. If youve got new hiking boots, then you may want to prepare for the worst. Put some gauze or cotton padding (even a tissue would work) over your heel and keep it in place with electrical tape. If you already have a blister its exactly the same procedure.
  4. Clothes and Glasses repair. Use a whole role if you need to. But it WILL work.
  5. Writing notes or leaving messages. This can either be labelling something in your rucksack or leaving signs and trails if you get seriously lost on a hiking expedition.

Afghan ScarfAfghan Scarf

  1. Cover your eyes and face when in a dusty/ smoky or even dessert environment.
  2. Create a sling. Obviously not for long term just to look cool, but ideal for a makeshift sling while hiking or camping.
  3. Use it as a towel. It’s easily large enough and will dry relatively quickly afterwards.
  4. Need a  Bag? Tie the corners together and ‘presto’. A bag to put things in.
  5. It Keeps you warm and Cools you down. Wet the scarf before tying it around your neck to keep you cool and prevent sunburn.


  1. Washing line
  2. Shoelaces
  3. Belt for your pants
  4. Repair or replace a broken backpack strap.
  5. Create a Sling/ Tourniquet
  6. Fishing
  7. A snare
  8. Watchstrap….OK so this list is endless.

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