Practicle Fashion Packing TipsWhether you go on vacation for a few days or are making a round the world trip of indefinite length, you will want to keep your luggage weight down. That does not need to come at the cost of looking great though! Stick to the following guide and we will make sure that you will never have to break a sweat when lifting your bag, but look like you have access to a full wardrobe.

Know what to pack

Every trip is different, but there are certain items that can really help keep your bag weight down, while giving you multiple wardrobe options on your destination. Try to pack items that are lightweight, serve multiple purposes and do not crease easily. Generally clothes that are light will take up less space, so materials like cotton and linen are your friends. Also, try to go for a travel wardrobe of clothes that you can match in different ways to create different looks. Any item of clothing that can be worn with only one other piece should be left at home, as should clothes that can only be worn on one specific occasion.

The denim question


Jeans are heavy, do not dry quickly and take up a lot of space in your bag. They are exactly the opposite of what travel clothing should be. However, they are also warm, sturdy, match with practically any tops, and the darker hues do not show dirt quickly. Because of this the good old fashioned denim jeans have been the topic of heated debate between travelers (We are aware of at least one group of travel fashion writers that have actually split up over this debacle). Although it is an issue of personal preference, we recommend packing your best looking pair of jeans. They are versatile enough to warrant the weight, but never pack more than one pair.

Pick a classic design, that is durable,  hardwearing and will match all other clothes you pack.

Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jean $49.35

Buy it there

One of the most packed things in any male travel bag is the good old fashioned T-shirt. It is airy, dries quickly and you can easily wear it under other clothing. But why not leave a couple of you shirts home and buy them at your destination? You save on weight, gain a nice reminder of the trip and add to your wardrobe back home. T-shirts, cheap flip-flops and basic toiletries are available around the world. So leave yours at home and buy them at your destination.

Keeping it clean


With a travel wardrobe consisting of just a few clothes getting something dirty will limit your options. We mentioned before that fabrics that dry easily are your friend. Not only is this feature useful when you get caught in a tropical monsoon, but this also means you can wear them just a few hours after washing them. Always carry a bit of detergent and an instant spot remover in your bag to avoid having to walk around in clothes that are obviously dirty.

A great product to travel with is the Scrubba. Essentially a dry bag, the inside is covered in hundreds of ‘scrubba nodules’ which create a wash board to wash your clothes in minutes. When not in use it can be used to store your dirty laundry.

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag $51.95

toiletry bag for men

Keep it small

Most of the bigger brands of toiletries will have travel sized containers available. If you travel often it might also serve to buy a few travel bottles that you can fill yourself. Try to estimate how much of your toiletries you will need during your trip and pack no more than that. That way you are not lugging around bottles of lotion there and back again.

Make it simple for yourself and pre-buy a travel kit that includes all the essential toiletries in TSA approved sizes.

Convenience Kits Premium Travel Necessities Kit, Men $17.21

Your packing list will be subject to your own preferences first, but remember these rules when packing for any trip and you will be able to look great while keeping the size and weight of your luggage down.

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