Best backpacking backpacks

Going on a backpacking adventure and looking for some new travel gear? Choosing the right backpack can be an overwhelming task. It needs to be comfortable, spacious, stylish and perfect for any type of adventure.

The problem is there are so many options available it’s enough to put anyone off.

We’ve had a look at some of the best backpacking backpacks for men and found that these top picks are the most popular choices for outdoor adventurers!

Mountaintop [2016 NEW] 75L Outdoor Sport Water-resistant Internal Frame Backpack: $70.99Mountaintop

The Mountaintop water-resistant backpack is in the mid-range pricing, and the quality of the material and the amount of space available makes it one of our top choices.

With 75L worth of space it has tonnes of room for everything you need, plus the different compartments make it really easy to organise all of your gear. The quality of the material at this price makes it an absolute winner and it is likely to survive whatever your adventures throw at it.

If you love the outdoors and aren’t afraid to get wet then this backpack is the perfect companion for your travels. The entire bag is lined with water resistant plastic and there is a rain cover for when the weather really starts to turn.

The lightweight material and functional style make this backpack an awesome choice for anyone who loves backpacking. SHOP NOW


Mountaintop [2016 NEW] 50L Hiking Backpack Internal Frame Backpack: $39.99 Mountain top 50L

For the lighter packers among you, the Mountaintop 50L backpack is the perfect choice for your travels.

This pack is more compact and lightweight than others and still offers you plenty of room for all of your backpacking gear, with the extra straps and compartments making it perfect for storing all of your travel gadgets. The tough material and extra padding in the straps also mean you can load it with heavy items without worrying about breakages in the bag or your back!

As it’s cheaper and smaller than other models you can travel carry-on only, saving you tonnes of money and time! SHOP NOW


MISSION PEAK GEAR Cypress 3000 Internal Frame Hiking Backpack: $49.99 Mission Peak

The Mission Peak Gear Backpack is another 50L pack that’s perfect for both long term and daytime adventures.

As a well made product, this backpack can handle a serious amount of gear, with the lid alone containing plenty of storage space. The material and design means it’s great for those who like to travel rough and the extra padding in the shoulder and waist straps make it comfortable as well as practical.

No matter what size your frame, this backpacking backpack can be adjusted to ensure it fits comfortably to your body. It’s a winner for lightweight travelers and great value for money! SHOP NOW


Osprey Xenith 75 Backpack: from $330.00 Osprey

While the Osprey Xenith Backpack is more expensive than some other options, it is one of our top picks because of its high quality material and awesome style.

As a 75L backpack, the Osprey Xenith is great for anyone going on an extended backpacking trip. It has a huge amount of storage space with different compartments and the multiple zips mean you can access the main section from a range of different areas, making it so much easier to get to your stuff.

This backpack is unbelievably comfortable, as the padding in the straps and adjustable back allow you to carry as much weight as you need without feeling the burden on your body! SHOP NOW

We hope you enjoyed this article of the best backpacking backpacks. Let us know what you think and if you have any recommendations that are not on the list.




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