What should you look for when buying top luggage brands?

The first thing to consider when buying new luggage is utility and functionality. What will you use your luggage for? Are you planning a long vacation or business trip? Are you traveling by car or by airline? You need to think about size and capacity when full and whether it meets the weight limits of most airlines, its weight when empty, features (wheels, handles, zippers, locks etc), and materials used to manufacture the luggage, for example nylon is durable and light but it’s not as stylish as leather.

Why should you buy the best luggage brands?

Independent case studies on different airline baggage handlers show that many of them will mishandle luggage under their care. They are under intense pressure to get luggage on and off a plane quickly, and they simply don’t have the time to give your luggage the care it deserves. This is the main reason why you should invest in good luggage brands that are durable and sturdy enough to handle being thrown about by unscrupulous handlers. Here are some of the best luggage brands on the market:


One of the top luggage brands available; Samsonite is famous for producing roomy, lightweight, and stylish luggage suitable for frequent travelers. Buying a whole set of luggage from this brand is going to be expensive, but Samsonite more than makes up for it with its durability and functionality. Shop Now


Tumi is one of the top manufacturers of premium travel and business luggage. They have a large variety of products suitable for long or short trips. Their bags are made with ballistic grade materials and feature plenty of compartments to store any clothes or items you may need on your trip. Shop Now

eagle-creekEagle Creek

The ideal luggage for the adventurous; Eagle Creek luggage and accessories are made with durable materials that are guaranteed to last no matter where you travel to. This company introduced the industry’s first convertible backpack on wheels, and it still strives to come up with functional and innovative designs to this day. Shop Now



Whatever type of luggage you’re looking for, Victorinox likely has it. The company has hundreds of luggage designs suitable for every traveler. If you’re looking for a durable large volume backpack on wheels for your next backpacking trip, you can find it in their catalogue. If you want something stylish for a business trip, Victorinox has that too. Your choices are limitless. Shop Now

north face

The North Face

The North Face is a recognizable brand known for stylish and trendy luggage and apparel. This brand is particularly famous for its backpacks. If you’re about to head on an adventure and need something stylish but durable to carry your gear then look no further. Shop Now


Make sure to use integral TSA-approved combination locks

TSA-approved locks are designed to keep thieves out without snagging on clothes or other pieces of luggage. They’re probably not going to keep a determined thief out of your bags, but they’ll at least give you some piece of mind.


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