Which Swiss Gear Backpack?

Swiss Gear Backpacks are renowned for being some of the most durable, spacious, and versatile bags that you can ever own. With many options available that are designed to carry all of your travel and business essentials, they make for excellent business backpacks, or as secure and padded carry-on bags for your laptop and other electronics. This article compares five of the best and most affordable Swiss Gear Backpacks out in the market.


SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900 ($54.99)

The ScanSmart 1900 is one of SwissGear’s larger business backpacks. A 17-inch laptop fits into its ScanSmart design, making it easily accessible and visible at airport security checkpoints. It has many organizer pockets to store your devices and other travel necessities, an iPad compartment, a water bottle pocket, and an audio interface. The 1900’s soft, padded shoulder straps are designed to balance comfort and durability. The spacious main compartment also allows you to carry personal effects and office basics. If you don’t mind the bulk and the size, this bag is perhaps, one of the most solid of the five. Buy from Amazon.


SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart Backpack (Black) Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops($65.00)

SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart Backpack (Black) Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops

SwissGear’s SA1908 Backpack is similar to the 1900, as this
also has the ScanSmart feature which allows you to pass through airport checks with ease.It can be quickly unfolded into a flat position, showing the laptop and other contents. It also can accommodate most 17” laptops. Similar to the 1900, it has an Airflow system and comfortable shoulder pads to keep your back cool and proper posture intact.You might want to consider another model, if you need to move very quickly and carry much load, since the SA1908’s zippers are known to give and it has fewer pockets than other models. Buy from Amazon.


SwissGear Computer Backpack (Black) Fits Most 15.6-Inch Laptops (from $52.28)

SwissGear Computer Backpack

Although it won’t fit notebooks bigger than 15 inches, SwissGear’s basic black computer backpack
is as functional as its larger-sized cousins. It fairs better than the SA1908 in the variety of storage options, and is less bulky than the 1900. Aside from it being able to fit smaller notebooks, it has a sunglasses holder and cell phone pocket. Its durable material, Quality Zippers and Padded Shoulder and Back Strap System make this our Top Pick Swiss Gear Backpack. Buy from Amazon.


SwissGear Blue Ibex 17″ Computer Backpack, 15″L x 10″W x 19″H ($81.99)

SwissGear Blue Ibex 17 Computer Backpack,

The Ibex is a popular model for a number of reasons. First, it has three large compartments and many pockets to store your devices and office supplies. It even has a Quick Pocket to store your music player, and a top pocket to quickly stash small items. As in the previous models reviewed in this article, it has Airflow back padding, and padded shoulder straps. Although this model is supposed to be able to fit in 17” laptops, a few consumers had some difficulty fitting in their larger notebooks. Overall, the Ibex still continues to impress fans of workhorse backpacks. Buy from Amazon.


SwissGear 15.6-Inch Granite Backpack for Notebook (GA-7335-07F00) ($49.85)

SwissGear Granite Backpack for Notebook

Featuring a stabilizer platform that helps this backpack stay upright, the SwissGear Granite (GA-7335-07F00) can be used as a school bag, a business backpack, and a day pack for quick trips. You can store a 15.6” notebook in its laptop sleeve and other business, school, and travel essentials in its main compartment. It has an external water bottle pocket, and a front pocket organizer to store small items that are essential. As in all Swiss Gear Backpacks, it also has comfortable, shock-absorbing shoulder straps. The SwissGear Granite is a heavy-duty backpack that is made especially for men of many life pursuits. Buy from Amazon.


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