How do you choose the Best Travel Camera?

Pro Nikon Photographer at Morro Rock 04 Dec 2007

Capturing those Memories, Moments and Scenes is what MAKES Traveling! Whether you are a professional photographer, an enthusiastic vacationer, or a travel newbie, the type of digital camera that you take along on your trips does count.

Before you choose which type of camera to take along in your next adventure, you might want to consider answering these questions first to ensure that you have YOUR Best Travel Camera:

What is the nature of your trip?

If your travel itinerary takes you hiking or trekking for days on end, or on journeys  where you are limited on the amount of travel gear you can take, a large, bulky camera might get in your way. If you plan on seeing many sports events, you’ll need a camera that can capture every movement and all their details. If your camera going to be used to capture all the fun memories your having bar hopping, or all the beautiful landscapes you will encounter? Try to narrow down what your primary use will be for the camera. 

How advanced are your photography skills?

If you are happy enough snapping away with your smart phone normally, then perhaps a simple Point and Shoot with great automatic settings is where you should start. It would make more sense to choose a camera that you can operate with ease, than to waste more time trying to learn how another camera works. If however you’re a budding photographer who’s looking to develop these skills on a trip, you might want to upgrade to something more professional, and that gives you plenty of options to personalize each setting.

How much time and money are you willing to invest?

Needless to say, you have to know how much of your hard earned cash you are ready and willing to let go of for that best travel camera. It’s best to purchase your camera of choice before your trip, so that you would have time to test it out, or learn how to use its functions in different settings.

Once you’ve done your research and answered these questions, you can now narrow down your choice to which type is going to make the Best Travel Camera for you, and capture all those amazing memories your are about to make.


The Compact Point-and-Shoot

Best Choice for:

  • Light travelers
  • People with basic to advanced photography knowledge and skills
  • Casual photograph-taking
  • The budget-conscious


  • Acceptable to low-quality pictures in low light conditions
  • Limited zoom range
  • Cannot capture good-quality action shots because of shutter lag

See this Canon Powershot



Micro Four-Thirds

Best Choice for:

  • People who want to progress gradually from basic to advanced photography
  • High-quality images without the DSLR bulkand size


  • Relatively expensive
  • Some lens and accessories are new to the market, and therefore, have limited supplies and support

See this Sony NEX 3NL



The DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera)

Best Choice for:

  • Professional photographers
  • Best-quality, detailed images
  • Variety in accessories and effects


  • Big and cumbersome to be carried around
  • Quite expensive, especially if you were to include lens and other attachments or accessories
  • Advanced photography knowledge and skills needed to maximize camera functions

See this Canon EOS Rebel T3i







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