Wherever you are traveling in the world you should always consider taking a dry bag. Primarily used in situations where your possessions face a higher risk of getting wet in order to keep them dry such as the beach or on boats, they are so efficient you can even take them snorkeling with you.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t use them elsewhere. If you plan on visiting Europe in winter the chances are it will rain at some point (sometimes heavily) again providing protection from the elements.

They also serve as a secure travel bag in which the only way to enter them is by unclipping the fastener and unfolding it open! Not an easy accomplishment for any pickpocket to go unnoticed. This makes them ideal for visiting cities the world over, where generally the rule is to wear your daysack on your front, sacrificing comfort over security.



Dry bags come in a range of sizes from small 5 liters up to 90 liter holdall style carryons. 10 – 15 litre bags with a single over the shoulder strap make for the best day travel bags, or opt for a more tradional rucksack style with 2 shoulder straps. All options fulfil their primary function of keeping things dry, but should definitely be considered for their security benefits as well. Plus if this isn’t enough, they just look cool!


 Here are 5 of our favorite dry bags:


OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Backpack, Black, 30-Liter $119.78








The Friendly Swede 500D PVC Tarp Dry Bag (2 Pack) $22.99






Dry Bag For Laptop – Free Runner II by FeelFree $44.97







OverBoard Waterproof Duffel Bag $85.00








Dry Bag (10L), with Shoulder Strap & Free Bonus Smart Phone Dry Bag $19.97

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