Avoid being dirtyNobody wants to look sloppy. But being on the road means you have to let go of certain commodities. If you live out of your backpack you will not be able to have a very large wardrobe. You won’t always have access to washing facilities, so washing your clothes might not be possible. And days spent on dusty roads, or waiting in dirty bus stations do nothing to improve the way you look.

We have come up with some top tips on how to avoid looking like a sloppy backpacker when traveling the world!


1 – Avoid the ‘t-shirt only’ look

Yes, we know it’s warm. That doesn’t mean you can only wear t-shirts. Replace some of your shirts with nice short-sleeved, button up shirts. They are just as airy and can even be buttoned open if it gets too hot. You can also replace some of your t-shirts with long sleeve shirts. By sliding the sleeves up you still have the comfort of free arms, but have a different look than wearing a t-shirt. By adding some variety into your travel wardrobe can present yourself every other day in something else than a t-shirt. This is also respectful when visiting places of worship, where you really should make an effort with your appearance.

2 – Replace faded clothing

Although most of us will replace or repair a piece of clothing when it rips, some of us are less aware of shirts that have faded too much. Being in the sun tends to make the color of your favorite shirt fade a lot faster. That shirt did look great once, but that might have been a long time ago. Take care that when the colors go, so should the shirt. Nothing says ‘I’ve been on the road for too long’ like wearing a faded shirt.

3 – Pack some laundry detergent

We’ve all been there; a sudden accident on a muddy road leaves you with no clean clothes to wear. Make sure you have a little bit of Travel laundry detergent in your pack so you can do some emergency laundry. That way you can avoid having to walk around in grimy clothing for a few days because you can’t find a Laundromat.

4 – Take care of your skin

A combination of being in the sun to long, eating cheap food, not getting enough sleep and spending time on dusty roads will be murder on even the nicest skin. Treat your skin properly and you’ll look a lot better. When out in the sun use a proper sunscreen. When at altitude use a lip balm. Shower every day if it’s possible and try to at least wash your face when it’s not. Carry a face wash and some moisturizer to really up your skin game. If you have a beard, the underlying skin can become itchy, resulting in beard dandruff. An argan or grapeseed based beard oil will help soothe your skin.

5 – Avoid worn out shoes

We get it. Those sneakers took you everywhere. Getting rid of them is like losing a best friend. Still, when the first holes start to show, it’s time to look for a replacement pair. Don’t wait until your toes start to poke through. Wearing proper foot covering is better for your feet too.

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