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Pack only essentials

So you’re thinking of purchasing a Money Belt for your next trip, great idea. Or perhaps you already own one and found it extremely useful. But have you been making the same mistakes so many travelers make when wearing theirs?

As I’m sure you’re aware money belts are used to cover up and hide valuable items such as money, your passport, credit cards and any other important travel documents in order to reduce the risk of theft (and misplacing them) However there are certain ways in how to wear a money belt that make them more efficient, or make you more of a potential target to thieves.

how to wear a money belt 1

DO NOT Access your Money Belt in Pubic Places.

The most common type of money belt is worn under your shirt or pants, with a waist belt and pockets with zips at the front. When packed and worn correctly they are ideal and work as intended, meaning you have your personal items on you at all times without unveiling them.

Unfortunately I have seen far too many times, travelers exposing/ revealing their money belt in the middle of a busy street or market in order to gain access to them. This totally defeats the purpose of wearing it. In order for it to remain secret you should keep your ‘daily spending money’ in a separate travel wallet.

Another major error people make when wearing a travel belt is by ‘over packing’ and turning it into a major bulge under their clothes, (and not in a good way!) again making them stand out. Put only what is necessary into them. The rest of your valuables should be split up over your person, in another money belt (a money belt that is an actual belt) and in your daypack.

So when you next use a money belt, make sure you know how to wear it properly and don’t make yourself an unnecessary target to thieves.

Here are our Top 5 money belts:

main-money belt

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Money Belt Dlx $20.00






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Lewis N. Clark Rfid Neck Stash $9.23






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Eagle Creek Travel Gear All Terrain Money Belt $20.00






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Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Hidden Pocket $13.50






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Shacke Pocket Vault – Hidden Travel Belt Wallet w/ RFID Blocker $14.99





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