Mosquitos. Possibly the most annoying creature with wings since Big Bird and the bane of the traveler’s life.

These pesky little bloodsuckers are seemingly everywhere and no matter how much bug spray, smoke coils, citronella candles or zappers you have, they always seem to get through and make you their meal when you least expect it.

So how else to combat them? Well, there is now a large range of Insect repellent clothing  and clothing sprays which claim to stop various bugs, including mosquitos and ticks, from bothering you anymore.

But does this process actually work? The short answer is: Yes!

Insect Repellent clothing

Insect Repellent clothing

The clothing is treated with a synthetic form of pyrethrum – extracted from the flowers of certain chrysanthemums , its synthetic form today is known as permethrin – and has long been used as an effective insecticide for agriculture, in dog collars and to treat timber.

It should not, however, be used directly on the skin as it is an irritant and is easily removed by sweat, not ideal when you’re sunning yourself in a hot climate.

If your budget won’t stretch to a whole new wardrobe, you can purchase it in spray form and treat your own clothing, plus any number of other items such as shoes, camping gear, bed sheets and mosquito nets to be extra sure of avoiding the dreaded bite.

Effective for around 70 washes when built into clothing or at least 6 washes when used as a  spray, it is an ideal way of preventing the bothersome bugs from getting close enough to feast on you, without having to constantly coat yourself in what can be foul smelling sprays and lotions.

You should launder the treated items separately as small amounts can come out in the cleaning process, otherwise just wash as normal and wear as you would any other items. Permethrin is safe for children, but as a precaution just make sure your little one isn’t chewing on their sleeve if wearing treated clothes, perhaps a treated hat and pants is the way to be safe here.

So, the technology works, and all you need worry about now is where to spend your well-deserved vacation knowing that you won’t be getting eaten alive.

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