The Suunto Core All Black Watch is a technological dream, allowing all lovers of the outdoors to plan their adventures with pure style. This wrist-top computer watch holds all standard watch functions, as well as a Storm Alarm, an Altimeter, a Barometer, weather trend indicator, a Digital Compass and a Digital Thermometer.

suunto core all black

Whether you’re hiking, biking or camping, the weather, air pressure and altitude can all have an impact on your safety and enjoyment. The storm alarm, activated by the drop in air pressure can warn you when a storm is approaching, allowing you to set up camp and avoid being blown away with the wind. Additionally, the altimeter allows you to track your ascent and descent, as well as identifying your position should you end up on a ridge, trail or creek. This intelligent feature is accurate within 30,000 feet, making it a fantastic tool for anyone interested in mountaineering, backcountry skiing or off-road adventuring.

Suunto Core All BlackKey Features and Specs

  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Temperature
  • Storm alarm
  • Sunrise / sunset
  • Depth meter for snorkeling
  • Multiple watch, date and time functions
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Multilingual menu (EN, FR, DE, ES)


Another incredible feature of this stylish watch is the inbuilt barometer, which measures the air pressure to help you identify and predict weather changes. If you haven’t yet left for your trip and the skies are looking slightly ominous the barometer can reach past trees, buildings and hills to tell you outside conditions. This smart piece of technology is the perfect packing companion, as it will help you decide the type of clothes you will need for your outdoor adventure. If you need to plan further in advance, the weather trend indicator can look back at up to six hours of your barometric history and help you predict the weather with incredible precision.

suunto core all black1Finally, no outdoor watch is complete without a digital compass. While you may be the next Bear Grylls, getting lost can happen to the best of us, which is why a digital compass is a must have for seasonal outdoor adventurers. The Suunto Core All Black Watch has a digital compass that allows you to use a traditional rotating bezel and a point and lock system, making it the perfect device for when you go skiing, hiking or exploring a new city.

For your standard watch needs the Suunto Core All Black contains a date display, dual times, 4 language settings and an alarm, as well a depth meter up to 30 feet for the dive enthusiasts among us.

Not only is this watch an adventurers dream, it is also superbly stylish. Sold in a number of shades of black, with multiple strap options, the Suunto Core All Black is the must have watch of the year. Shop Now

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