Where ever you travel in the world there are a few things you just shouldn’t leave home without. Even if it a short weekend city break or a trip of a lifetime around the world, these Essential Travel Items are small, lightweight and come in handy in the most unlikely of situations.

ZiptiesCable Zip ties – a lifesaver for a whole range of random events that you could encounter. Lost your padlock to your suitcase just as your about to travel? Secure it with a cable tie to ensure no one tampers with it (if they do you will know immediately) Watch strap buckle broken? Place a cable tie around it to create a temporary one. The Pull on a zip breaks off and your struggling to close your rucksack?… Hello Mr Cable Tie. Get an assorted pack and take a couple of each size with you. The next time something breaks while your away, your first question should always be ‘will a Cable Zip Tie fix it?’ Buy Now

Electrical TapeElectrical tape – if your answer to the last question is for some reason not solved with a ziptie, your next port of call is definitely electrical tape. Not as sturdy or strong as duck tape, but for travel friendliness, electrical tape wins hands down. Small, compact and wrap enough of it around that broken item, it’s not going anywhere. From wrapping around cuts and small wounds when a band aid isn’t available, to sticking up mosquito nets in small jungle huts, one or two rolls of electrical tape is a must. Buy Now


CarabinerCarabiner Clips – not the sort used for rock climbing that can support 300 pounds, but a couple of small, cheap ones that you just clip onto your daysack. They are great for attaching things to your rucksack/ daysack or suitcase while you’re on the move, but don’t actually want to pack them. Think dirty or wet trainers or Flipflops. A plastic bag of food and drink for the journey or a damp travel towel only needs another 20 minutes of airing. Carabiners ensure the item is secure whilst being readily available and easily detached. Buy Now 


Nylon Cord4 metres of Nylon Cord – no more, no less. This is enough to string up a small washing line if you’re doing a bit of hand washing or cut some off if your shoe lace breaks whilst trekking in the mountains. Nylon Cord is extremely strong has a million and one uses when you least expect it, so make sure you’ve packed it. Buy Now




Ziplock BagsZiplock bags – 2 or 3 small/ medium ziplock bags can be the difference between losing all of your holiday pictures and an expensive insurance claim or relaxing by the beach without a worry in the world. Ziplock bags are a lifesaver if you need to protect anything valuable from getting wet, clogged up with sand or just want to organize a few things. Passports, money, cameras and phones are the main culprits for getting damaged in this way, and although not failsafe, pack Ziplock bags and don’t take the risk. Buy Now

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