Finding good quality vegan hiking boots

The vegan hiking shoes market is growing. The growth may be slow but it’s there, as manufacturers realize that there is a market for eco-friendly, non-leather and non animal product glue hiking boots. Vegans don’t have it easy; many popular hiking boots are made with animal products (leather in particular) but now there is a wide variety of boots made with completely synthetic materials.

How to be sure they are vegan hiking boots?

Even though the Vegan Hiking boots market is growing, it is still difficult to completely verify if a company produces 100% Vegan Hiking Shoes. Although the outer materials may be produced from synthetics, the glues used in the manufacturing process may contain animal products. Due to the nature of mass manufacturing, companies frequently change suppliers in which they do not fully trace the background of the glues they supply therefore do not completely guarantee that they offer 100% Vegan boots.

This is our selection of what we believe to be the Best Vegan Hiking Boots available:


La Sportiva Trango S EVO GTX Boot - Men'sLa SportivaTrango S Evo GTX Mountaineering Boot – Men’s (From $303.95)

Vibrant synthetic hiking boots designed with comfort and durability in mind. The Trango S is completely waterproof with a gore-tex lining for protection and a Vribrammulaz sole that offers great traction on any surface. Shop Now



Wicked Hemp Men's Alton 2 Vegan Hiking ShoeWicked Hemp Men’s Alton 2 Vegan Hiking Shoe ($84.00)

A lace-up, lightweight (under 2.5 pounds) with an upper made of 100 percent industrial hemp which Wicked promises will never mildew or break. This is the ideal shoe for a outdoorsy vegan who loves hiking trails in any weather. Shop Now



Montrail Men's Mountain Masochist II Trail Running ShoeMontrail Men’s Mountain Masochist II Trail Running Shoe (From $79.99)

These arehiking boots vegans can appreciate. Montrail is famous for making premier running and hiking footwear for athletes who expect quality and comfort. The Mountain Masochist II features a synthetic and mesh upper with a gusseted tongue and strap closure system to ensure they stay on. These boots are light and ideal for running on rough trails. Shop Now


DrMartens Vegan 1460 Boot (From $48.30)

You can never go wrong with Dr. Martens. The 1460 boots are designed to be vegan friendly and are made with durable synthetic materials that offer the comfort and quality everyone expects from Dr. Martens. Shop Now



Zamberlan 230 SH Crosser Plus GTX RRZamberlan Men’s 230 SH Crosser Plus GTX RR Hiking Boot (From $131.00) 

Note: Although it may say this product is made from Leather it is NOT.

As a vegan, you probably don’t want anything to do with leather, which is why Zamberlan uses synthetic leather on their boots. You get all the advantages of leather without actually using it. The Zamberlan is waterproof with reinforced rubber for protection and a comfort fit footbed for extra protection. Shop Now


Be sure to read reviews first

Check reviews before buying your vegan hiking boots. They are a great way of finding out how good a product really is and to ensure it really is a vegan boot.

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