Dopp Jumbo Kit

Dopp Jumbo Kit

Just because different journeys require different toiletries doesn’t mean they require different toiletry bags. An all season, all destination toiletry bag needs to keep all of your items safe, both in the bag and out. Baggage handlers are never going to treat your luggage like a Faberge Egg, and you never know how that bottle of sunscreen or toothpaste will hold up at altitude. You probably aren’t going to take your entire medicine cabinet with you, but you don’t want to just stick everything in a sock either. So what should you look for in your toiletry bag? Here are three critical criteria to keep in mind.


Most people don’t really pay much attention to what they use to hold their toiletries. You get gifted a toiletry bag for Christmas and you take it around the world with you. Why stress yourself with finding something else? I’ve seen men who use the same washcloth to hold their essentials and dry them themselves. Although this is certainly very functional, it will hardly protect your toiletries from bumps and scrapes. Everybody hates opening their luggage on their destination to find a bottle of lotion punctured and its contents seeping into their clean clothes. So find a bag that is sturdy enough to take a hit and protect your items from damage.


As your bag will mainly be used in the bathroom, it’s very handy to have one that is water proof. That way you do not have to worry about putting it down on a wet surface and getting your tissue paper soaked. And it works the other way around too. If a container breaks during a high altitude flight your toiletry bag should keep the fluids off your clean clothes, no matter where you store it in your bag.


Last but not least, it needs to be big enough to hold all your toiletries without being bulky. You will need plenty of room to keep your grooming items. Having different compartments is useful, as you usually don’t want to have to stuff your Preparation H next to your toothbrush. On shorter trips you will need fewer products, so having a bag that can be zipped or clipped open to have more space is useful too.

Using these criteria we have come up with five toiletry bags perfect for traveling men. Check out this article.

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