Travel WalletWhen it comes to traveling, keeping your money safe is a concern for everyone. You should be able to enjoy your travels without having to worry all the time about being pick pocketed or losing your cash and cards. For items such as your passport, spare credit cards and extra cash you may want to consider a money belt, but for your daily cash and cards you should be using a Travel Wallet.

Travel Wallets differ from your general day to day wallet as they should have a few key features that make them ideal for traveling.

Here is what I look for an ideal travel wallet for men:

  • At least one Quality Zippered compartment: This is where I keep my daily cash. Depending on which currency you are using this could be a few notes of Euros or a whole wad of Indonesian Rupiah, so I want it secure within my wallet. Generally as a rule I put my coins separate in my pants pocket, but if I am at the beech for example, I also put this in the zippered compartment for convenience.
  • Key ring attachment: For me this is a very important feature. I use it as its name suggests for keys! Whilst traveling I only ever really have one or two keys. One for my accommodation, and maybe a second if I’m renting a scooter or car. So I don’t have a bunch of keys that I have back home (I don’t know what all the keys are for but there are at least Five!) Attaching this One or Two keys to the key fob in my wallet dramatically reduces the chance of me losing them. I also always attach a small carabiner to the Key Ring  for those ‘just in case’ times!
  • Card holder sections: Exactly like you get in a ‘regular’ wallet, but just make sure there are a couple. Not only do I keep my daily credit card in here, but I always find it handy to pick up a business card of the hotel/ Hostel or Guesthouse Im staying in just in case I get lost.
  • Inconspicuous design: You do not want to be flashing around your $300 Gucci leather wallet at a street stall in India. Look for something that is simple in design and does not draw a lot of attention.
  • Durable material: Another reason not to choose something to flashy, certain materials do not hold up so well if they get damp, sweaty or covered in dirt. And believe me, all three of these can happen. I generally go for a fabric that can be easily wiped clean and is slightly water repellent.

After finding a travel wallet that includes these features you should be set for your travel adventure with one less thing to worry about. Here are our Top 5 recommendaions:


Pacsafe Walletsafe 100 $19.54








Crabby Gear Men’s V2 Crabby Wallet $14.95







Eagle Creek Travel Gear RFID International Wallet $36.00








Chums Surfshort Wallet $10.00








Bellroy Men’s Leather Travel Wallet $119.95






*IMPORTANT* Remember if you are pick pocketed report it to the police and contact your Bank/ Credit Card issuer. If you are mugged then always hand over your travel wallet.mber your travel wallet should be what you use for your daily expenses. DO NOT keep all of your money in one place.

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