Want the best winter hiking gear for your adventures? Check out the items that we think you’ll need and love!

If you decide to go hiking in winter, it’s vital that you take the right gear so you’re fully prepared for the trip.

Taking the wrong gear can not only make your trip horrible but it can actually be really dangerous. Check out our essentials list and make sure you’re ready for your winter hiking adventure.

Hiking boots

First things first, if you’re going on a winter hiking trip you need a decent pair of waterproof hiking boots that will last out in different climates and not make your feet writhe in pain.

Hiking boots like these Timberland Men’s Chocorua’s would be ideal for your next adventure as they are lightweight, waterproof and have thermal insulation, keeping your feet warm and dry in the harshest of climates.

Winter Hiking Gear - Hiking Boots

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Whether you’re hiking in rain or snow, decent boots like these can ensure you’re comfortable for the entire trip and will support your feet with excellent traction and stability.

Tip: Make sure you break-in your hiking boots to avoid unwanted blisters on the road!

Hiking Pants

No matter how good you think they look, don’t wear jeans if you’re going hiking! They’re so impractical and will leave you feeling wet, uncomfortable and really stupid!

The best hiking pants are comfortable, dry quickly, and spacious with extra pockets for storage, and if you’re hiking in winter then you’re going to want something with an extra layer for warmth.

These Lowe alpine Men’s Pants are great for any outdoor winter adventure as they are fleece lined and water resistant, ensuring your legs are kept warm and dry not matter what conditions you’re faced with.

Winter Clothing - Pants

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Not only that but the price is reasonable and the quality is awesome!


There’s nothing worse than going on a hike and finding yourself absolutely drenched before you’ve reached your destination. Pack a waterproof jacket like this 3 in 1 from Columbia to save yourself from this uncomfortable outcome.

Winter Clothing Waterproof Jacket

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As one of our top picks for a winter hike, the 3 in 1 has multiple layers that mean you can make adjustments depending on the climate. Not only is it waterproof, but it also has an inner layer for extra warmth and a ventilation system to prevent you from overheating into a sweat. This jacket is as awesome as it sounds and is ideal for any winter adventure.


If you’re going on a winter hike you’re probably going to need a backpack to carry all of your essential items like waterproofs, extra layers and food and drink. 

Make sure you choose one that’s waterproof; ready to handle a range of conditions and holds all of your gear.

Winter Hiking Backpack

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Winter Hiking Gear

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The Osprey Men’s Atmos 65 AG Backpack and Raincover are our favorite for a winter hiking trip as the waist and shoulder straps offer fantastic back support no matter how heavy the load, and the waterproof cover means you can keep your gear dry no matter how much it rains.

If you’re going on an extended trip then this backpack is the ultimate choice to carry all of your essentials, as not only will it survive winter conditions, but also has the capacity to hold everything you need.


If you’re hiking in winter the conditions could get unbelievably cold, so it’s crucial that you layer up to prepare for the chilling weather.

While not all men are keen on thermals, we think they’re an absolute must. No one can see them under your clothes and they will keep you warm in the coldest of climates.

Merino Wool is the ultimate material when it comes to thermals, as it keeps you warm, dry and can last ages without being washed. These Icebreaker thermals are some of our top picks as they’re comfortable, lightweight and barely have to be washed!

Winter Hiking

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Winter Hiking Thermals

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Whether you’re an old school adventurer or a modern day techie you should always be prepared when going on a winter hiking adventure with either a map or an electronic compass.

Even if you may be the next Bear Grylls, getting lost can happen to the best of us and a device like the Suunto Core All Black Watch could ultimately save your life!

Winter Hiking Watch

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Not only does this awesome device have a built in compass, but it also has an altimeter to help you track your ascent and a barometer so you can predict weather changes.

It may be more expensive than other devices out there, but for anyone who is serious about winter hiking gear this is the ultimate gadget to add to your list!

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